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The two preceding week's sermons are provided on-line for your immediate access.  To access the Sermons On-Line page, please click here.


Individual arrangements can be made for upload of sermons not on the Sermons On-Line page.  A list of Sermon Topics is provided below.


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2/7/10 PM Tri-C Presentation (Britt Davis)
2/7/10 AM Spiritual Growth #6 - Growing In Christ
1/31/10 PM Being Connected To The Power Source
1/31/10 AM Spiritual Growth #5 - The Value of Role Models


1/24/10 PM "Rejoice Always"
1/24/10 AM Spiritual Growth #4 - The Need For Perseverance
1/17/10 PM The Greatest Need
1/17/10 AM Spiritual Growth #3 - Goals For Spiritual Growth
1/10/10 PM Three Beautiful Things From Proverbs
1/10/10 AM Spiritual Growth #2 - Self-Esteem
1/3/10 PM First Century Christianity
1/3/10 AM Spiritual Growth # 1 - Spiritual Growth Is A Choice
12/27/09 PM Blessings and Responsibilities
12/27/09 AM Blest Be The Tie That Binds
12/20/09 PM How To Be Happy In A Miserable World
12/20/09 AM Away From The Manger
12/13/09 PM Renewing Our Faith
12/13/09 AM Boldness
12/6/09 PM Personal Sacrifice and Service
12/6/09 AM Being Doers of the Word
11/29/09 PM Proper Priorities In Life
11/29/09 AM No Substitutes Accepted
11/22/09 PM A Message Of Assurance
11/22/09 AM 10 Lepers and Thanksgiving
11/15/09 PM What Purpose Does The Church Serve?
11/15/09 AM The Preacher and The Church
11/1/09 PM The Purity of the Lord's Church
11/1/09 AM Christians In Name Only
1/4/09 PM The Backbone Of The Church
1/4/09 AM Prepare To Meet Your God
12/28/08 PM Job's Wife
12/28/08 AM Attendance #2
12/21/08 PM Seeking The Lost
12/21/08 AM Attendance #1
12/14/08 PM Assurance of The Believer
12/14/08 AM What A Preacher Must Do
12/7/08 PM What Job Teaches About Satan
12/7/08 AM Away From the Manger
11/23/08 PM Promises
11/23/08 AM Living Thankfully